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Thomson Reuters/Techstreet Thomson Reuters/Techstreet
Serve end-users worldwide with easy, affordable access to a custom set of industry codes and standards. Get free automatic document updates, fast search, real-time usage reports, COUNTER-compliance and more. Choose your own content from over 100 SDOs.
World Bank Publications World Bank Publications
World Bank eLibrary is a value-added, subscription-based portal dedicated to all World Bank publications and research since the 1990s.Topics include climate change, energy, health, agriculture, trade, public & private sector development, policy, and law.
Iclicker (Hardware): A Classroom Response System
i>clicker is the most flexible and most reliable classroom response system available and is designed ...
All About Bayou Publishing
In our workshops over the past 20 years, we've listened to educators, professionals, and parents ...
The key point is that MINT is a complete cultural assets management tool. Its integrated ...
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