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Ristech Company is a leading supplier of digitization technology for fragile and bound documents. Specializing in the capture and distribution of images, Ristech has an impressive list of end users and partners in the imaging market place. Our technology is used extensively in libraries, archives and research facilities where quality and careful handling of materials is a concern..

Ristech offers a broad selection of imaging products, together with the information necessary to make the best choice for your requirements.

Leading-Edge Technologies
Ristech offers customers the most advanced technology available for production scanning and conversion. We enjoy well-established and long-standing relationships with our product manufacturers. By gaining the most up-to-date and in-depth knowledge available, along with the skills needed to support these products. Whether your main concern is finding affordability, getting the most advanced technology possible, or both, contact us to see how Ristech can help you.
Some of our clients include The Library of Congress, Library and Archives Canada and the University of Toronto,