Scannx, Inc.

838 Gray Fox Circle
Pleasanton, CA postalcode
United States of America


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Scannx is the leading developer of cloud-based document scanning and delivery solutions. Libraries using Scannx technology have now scanned over 100 million pages, with nearly 97 percent of users opting not to print their content. As a result, they are providing their patrons and staff with innovative digital solution that saves both trees and the environment while reducing paper and toner costs.. Archivists are drawn to the powerful combination of Zeutschel scanners powered by the intuitive Scannx software for its reliability, ease of use, and image quality.
Scannx offers a full range of A2 and A3+ book scanning solutions, from entry level book-edge scanners all the way to the most advanced Zeutschel digital preservation scanning systems. The cloud services of the Scannx software can track usage, enable features, push updates, and manage warranties.

Designed for use by library patrons, Scannx solutions are easy to set up and use, so your staff doesn’t have to provide ongoing tech support to your patrons. Our products are designed to protect your investment in your books, while delivering superior ease-of-use that allows unsupervised patrons and staff to make their own digital copies.

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