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Since its founding almost 40 years ago, Cabells services have grown and evolved to include the Journal Whitelist and Journal Blacklist, manuscript preparation tools, and a suite of powerful metrics designed to help its users find the right journals, no matter the stage of their career. With over 750 clients across 37 countries, Cabells is a vital resource for any university or organization that performs research.

The Journal Whitelist—a searchable, curated database of critical information about verified and reputable academic journals—has data for over 11,000 academic journals across 18 disciplines. Each journal selected for inclusion has been evaluated and reviewed by trained specialists. The Journal Whitelist serves the academic and research communities as a hub for information about journals and as a stan¬dard for journal quality.

The Journal Blacklist is the only searchable database that identifies deceptive and fraudulent journals and currently lists over 11,000 predatory publications. Specialists identify and analyze over 65 behavioral indicators to flag potentially exploitative or dishonest operations. Each entry in the Journal Blacklist provides information on how to identify the journal in the real world as well as a comprehensive report of each behavioral indicator that was uncovered in the journal’s evaluation.

Through continued partnerships with major academic publishers, journal editors, scholarly societies, accreditation agencies, and other independent databases, Cabells provides accurate, up-to-date information about academic journals to institutions around the world with one goal in mind…to provide academics with accurate information and reputable outlets for publication.