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Lucidea is the parent organization of a portfolio of companies, all with a long history of providing our clients with ILS, KM and collections management software solutions that help them navigate the expanding universe of information and turn it into actionable knowledge. We provide applications that accelerate access to knowledge resources while simplifying their management – for organizations large and small, local, national or global, and for corporations, law or consulting firms, NGOs, museums, archives, associations, and governmental agencies. Benefits to the user include decades of expertise delivering focused support to our clients, our portfolio of complementary products, single-vendor provision of interrelated solutions, and core technology that unifies powerful knowledge management, resource management, collections management and library automation capabilities – streamlining R&D, for agile development and cost efficiency.

Our Brands:

Sydney, Inmagic, CuadraSTAR, Argus, Eloquent Systems, LookUp Precision, Lawport

Our Products:

SydneyEnterprise (“Sydney” or “SydneyPLus”), Presto, DB/TextWorks (“DBText”), WebPublisher PRO (“WebPub Pro”), LookUP Precision (“LookUp” or “LUP”), LawPort, Argus, STAR Knowledge Center for Archives (SKCA), Eloquent WebSuite

Our Mission:

Lucidea is built on the belief that information-intensive organizations need flexible tools that fit unique requirements and deliver visible, tangible results. We help people tasked with the challenge of managing knowledge resources to deliver more content, more services, and more value, while being innovative and increasingly relevant.

Our Value:

We provide applications and domain expertise that empowers information intensive entities to easily collect, organize and leverage important knowledge assets. We develop products that improve organization, accessibility, ease of use and delivery of information to the people who need this knowledge most – employees and customers

Our Impact:

Our clients leverage our products to redefine how knowledge is shared. Results include higher employee productivity, lower operational costs, return (“DBText”), WebPublisher PRO (“WebPub Pro”), LookUP Precision (“LookUp” or “LUP”), LawPort, Argus, STAR Knowledge Center for Archives (SKCA), Eloquent WebSuite