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ESRI makes geographic information system (GIS) software and instructional materials for classroom and school administration. GIS helps students understand the problem solving capabilities inherent in analyzing spatial relationships, from determining the optimum location for building a new facility to better understanding climate change. Using GIS, students in science, social studies, math, and language arts classes develop critical thinking skills that can lead to a broad range of career opportunities. ESRIs GIS software includes server, desktop, and Web-based mapping tools. Schools can start with free materials and add capacity at a very low cost as their needs grow.

School districts are geographic in nature. Some of the entities making up the district are mobile, such as students, teachers, and school buses. Others like infrastructure and facilities have fixed locations. All of these entities share characteristics and relationships; from the classroom to the community and beyond. GIS technology helps administrators understand these relationships, allowing them to integrate operations and improve efficiency in areas such as demographic analysis, student transportation, school safety, facilities mapping, logistics, and data dissemination.