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Eloquent Systems, a Lucidea brand, provides software to knowledge management professionals working in libraries, archives, museums and records management positions for corporate, government, legal, medical, education and heritage institutions around the world.

Eloquent develops applications for the knowledge and heritage market, integrating the latest Web-based technology with powerful, proprietary database software that evolved over 20 years of serving the unique requirements of Enterprise Knowledge Management (EKM) data structures as well as digital asset management (DAM).

To ensure top quality software and services Eloquent Systems specializes in a single product and keeps it current with modern technology, ensuring direct access to highly qualified help, and an SaaS hosting option that lets customers avoid all technical hassles.

Products: Eloquent WebSuite (Eloquent Archives, Eloquent Library, Eloquent Museum, Eloquent Records)

Lucidea’s Brands:
Sydney, Inmagic, CuadraSTAR, Argus, Eloquent Systems, LookUp Precision, LawPort

Lucidea’s Products:
Products: SydneyEnterprise (“Sydney” or “SydneyPLus”), Presto, DB/TextWorks (“DBText”), WebPublisher PRO (“WebPub Pro”), LookUP Precision (“LookUp” or “LUP”), LawPort, Argus, STAR Knowledge Center for Archives (SKCA), Eloquent WebSuite

Lucidea’s Clients Benefit from:
Decades of expertise delivering focused support, our portfolio of complementary products, single vendor provision of interrelated solutions, and core technology that unifies powerful knowledge management, resource management, collections management and library automation capabilities – streamlining R&D, for agile development and cost efficiency.