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Carroll Publishing, the most trusted name in government information for over three decades, continues to build upon its commitment to provide the best contact information for all levels of government (Federal, State, Municipal and County). By offering a range of user-friendly media from print to web-based services, Carroll Publishing is focused on delivering the most current and comprehensive database best suited to meet customer requirements. Updated daily, Carroll Publishing's data files contain over 700,000 points of contact, track over 320,000 individuals and present the data in multiple search formats to meet user needs. Unique to Carroll Publishing's product line is a set of organization chart products that display the crucial lines of authority, depicting the relationships between people, offices and agencies. Carroll Publishing, strategically located in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, brings together an editorial staff with many years of experience and extensive knowledge of all government organizations. Based on this foundation of experience and excellence, we will continue to expand our range of products to adapt to the constantly changing needs of our clients.