The key point is that MINT is a complete cultural assets management tool. Its integrated applications of M2A, M2L and M3 enable MINT to manage diverse collections. Underneath the MINISIS Relational Object oriented database provides the power and toolkit to see the application customized to meet any institution's data requirements. MINISIS Inc has taken collections management, archival description and library management to a whole new level.

With MINT's debut in 2003, it came out of nowhere to capture 5th place according to the Heritage Canada Information Network's ranking of international software solution for heritage organizations. To score so highly given its first evaluation – proves MINT is the future for total and multiple collections management. Isn't time to take your cultural assets management up a level? Imagine searching through one interface archival materials, books, coins, cultural objects, manuscripts, maps, oral histories, photographs, pictures, paintings, serials and specimens. It is no longer a fantasy but reality.

Contact us at MINISIS Inc and let us prove MINT is indeed the “tie that binds”. As they say, the proof is in the pudding. The Collection- Historic New Orleans, City of Ottawa and others will attest the proof is in MINT.


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